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The Mixologist

Whenever you meet new people it’s inevitable they will ask, “So, what do you do?” Well, great question...

My name is Gabrielle J. Greene and I'm the owner of Greene Olives LLC. The video you see is me, teaching a cocktail workshop in Bisbee, Arizona. With over 15 years of sweat equity under my belt, I’ve become a bit of a chameleon in this industry. I've worked in dive bars, whiskey bars, beer gardens, nightclubs, lounges, banquet halls, and fine dining establishments.

I’m a mixologist who loves and appreciates the art of infusing natural ingredients using fruits, spices, herbs, bitters, tinctures, syrups, and purées to create an unforgettable cocktail experience. Creating anything with tequila is my favorite. 


Music Credit: Lew Sid: How Ya'll Feelin' ?


I’m a licensed and insured beverage caterer.  I’ve worked on all different kinds of private events but weddings are my favorite. Something about an open bar, good vibes, and love in the air seems to be the perfect cocktail for a priceless experience. My second favorite would probably be birthdays. Especially when they're themed. 


I’m a beverage instructor. With all this knowledge the next best thing I can do is share it. I began teaching later in my career and have certified thousands of aspiring bartenders. Anyone who had my class can tell you there’s never a dull moment. Between storytelling, swearing, and dance breaks, my students learned hundreds of recipes, cocktail history, alcohol management, and customer service. 

I’m a beverage consultant who loves working with start-up bars and restaurants. Hungry for success, I love working with people who are excited and filled with innovative ideas. I create cocktail programs that complement concepts and cultures. I’ve trained staff and set up bars to ensure they’re functional and have an organized feng shui. It’s a lot of work but seeing it all come together on opening night makes it all worth it.


All Greene Olives employees are nationally certified through the Techniques of Alcohol Management® (TAM) program. Nationally recognized as the leading program for responsible server training, TAM training provides risk management tools that should be used by all licensees. TAM training covers a wide variety of information including:
  • False Identification
  • Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Clinical Effects of Alcohol
  • Customer Disturbances
  • Alcohol Management
Bartender Life

Bartender Life

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We bring the party to you.  We are equipped to service all indoor and outdoor events.  We will arrive up to 2 hours prior to the event to set up the bars with all necessary items.  At the end of the event, we break down the bars, clean up, and take our own trash.
Our practices are undoubtedly above industry standards.  We are equipped with state of the art products that will ensure excellent performance, appearance, and cleanliness.


You're in safe hands.  We are a licensed and fully insured beverage caterer. Please be aware, that Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia prohibit the transportation of alcohol across state or district lines without proper permits.
Should providing alcohol be prohibited, by state law, we can recommend, order, pick up, and deliver prepaid alcoholic beverage purchases on your behalf. 
Greene Olives will not serve minors or intoxicated guests.
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