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Lemon Drop Kid

refreshing pomegranate and lemonade mocktail called the lemon drop kid

One of the coolest variations of the classic Shirley Temple, this drink is named after the 1930's child film, and it's made with citrus, pomegranate, and of course, lemon ingredients. It's sweet, tangy, and perfect for kiddie parties - but adults love it too! Whether you're sipping on it at a family gathering or enjoying a refreshing drink, the Lemon Drop Kid is always a crowd-pleaser. So try it, and see why it's one of the most popular trending mocktails around.

Lemon Drop Kid Recipe

  • 4oz lemonade

  • .5oz grenadine

  • Raspberries and lemon wheel garnish


  • Add lemonade into an iced Collins glass

  • Pour grenadine into the center of the glass causing a float at the bottom

  • Garnish with raspberries and lemon wheel

Variation: Replace the lemonade with classic ginger ale. You can also sub it out for orange soda, Sprite, or Coca-Cola.

Stay hydrated. Drink Responsibly.

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